Achievement & Success: Believe in Yourself


One trait most high-achievers have in common is self-confidence. They may not always be certain as to how best to accomplish things, but they are confident that, somehow, they will figure it out.

The impact of this is profound.

Believing that you’ll end up on your feet, regardless of the situation, goes a long way to help you conquer your fear of the new and untried, and gives you courage to seize opportunity.

Do you believe in yourself? You should. If you’re like most people, you’re far more resourceful than you probably realize. Will you make mistakes? Yes. Poor decisions? Absolutely. Embarrassing lapses in judgment? Most likely. But these things aren’t so much reflections of your ability and skill as much as they are inevitable aspects of being human. Failure, in and of itself, is not a character statement. It’s the manner in which you deal with failure that really says the most about you. How do high-achievers face failure? They pick themselves up, dust themselves off, learn the lesson, and then try again.

Of all the things in life there are to believe in, why not first believe in yourself?

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