Dealing With A Judgmental Coworker


judgmentSo you have a coworker who continually passes judgment on everything and everyone he (she) encounters.  It can be anything from the color of a stranger’s shoes to the competency of his coworkers.  He has clear opinions, and feels both entitled and obligated to express all of them.  If you disagree, well, then he’ll have opinions about you too.

Judgmental coworkers can have a profoundly negative impact on a working environment.  Here are three tips for dealing with them:

  1. Never say anything that might in any way appear supportive of their comments.  You will end up being painted with the same brush.
  2. Anytime they ask if you agree with their position, simply say, “I try not to judge people (things).
  3. Try and avoid them as much as possible

This approach won’t change who your judgmental coworker is, but with any luck you can get them to change their behaviors when they’re around you.

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