The Awesome Thing About Managing Millennials


managing millennials

I have to laugh sometimes when listening to fellow baby-boomers go on rants about Millennials.  Yes, there may indeed be some truth to the accusations of entitlement and the everyone’s-a-victim mentality, but still the rants sound eerily familiar to the ones uttered by our parents forty years ago.  We were a doomed generation.  We were irresponsible, had no character and no work ethic.  Yet somehow, we did okay.

Millennials Don’t Accept The Status Quo

I love working with Millennials.  They are a generation that doesn’t accept the status quo (sound familiar boomers?).  They believe things can and should be better.  Having grown up with a tsunami of information at their fingertips they question everything.  If you want their respect or their loyalty, you had better have substance and walk your talk.

The Attention Span Of Guppies, But Can Take Your Breath Away

Like that persistent four-year-old, millennials will keep asking “why.”  And like the four-year-old, they won’t just settle for “because.”  They keep us on our toes and force us to examine our own beliefs.  They will get things done, but have the attention spans of guppies.  If you don’t make the effort to engage them, they will drift away the moment a bright shiny object comes along.  If you can inspire them, however, they are capable of a level of energy and focus that will take your breath away.

Millennials Will Make You Better

Successfully managing Millennials requires integrity, transparency, a focus on results and a clear purpose that transcends “because I said so.”  Put simply, Millennials will force you to become a better leader, and a better person in all respects.

I think that’s pretty awesome.

Have fun!

“If you’re not both teaching your employees and learning from them, you’re not doing it right”

Shaun Belding – Winning With The Employee From Hell – a guide to coaching & motivation

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