The Three Most Common Mistakes Managers Make


The top three mistakes managers make

Leadership roles can be very challenging.  There is a lot of skill required to be a truly effective manager in an organization, and a lot of very common mistakes that are made.  Here three of the most common mistakes managers make:

1.  Not Setting Clear Expectations

Your team needs to know exactly what is expected of them.  If they don’t, how can they possibly meet them?

2.  Accepting Sub-Standard Performance

Sometimes we are afraid to hold people accountable when they aren’t meeting our expectations.  We don’t like to be ‘the bad guy.’  Don’t fall into this horrible trap.  If you don’t stand by your own expectations, you will lose everyone’s respect.  Just make sure that you are being fair and respectful.

3.  Not Letting Employees Fail

We sometimes become so afraid that our employees will make a mistake that we begin to micro-manage.  Or worse, we just do it ourselves.  Give your employees the opportunity to fail – it’s the only way they can grow.  When they do, coach them, teach them and see how they do the next time!


Good Luck!


“Failure is often the best thing that can happen to you”

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